Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Final Day of ITE Competition

This morning we got to sleep in a little (we don't have to get on the bus until 9:30). We'll travel to Stanford to compete in our final round: shooting. From there, we climb back on the bus (we've certainly developed a long-standing relationship -- you decide whether it's a good or bad relationship! -- with our bus) and return to Woodside for the awards ceremony.

Then it's back on the bus once more, to travel outside of Sacramento for a night of camping. Wednesday morning we head down the American River in rafts (everyone hold on!). We're off the rafts in the afternoon, and head to Lake Tahoe for a final two days of rest (maybe) and relaxation.

In other words, depending on internet connectivity, you may not see another post until we're in Tahoe. We'll try our darnedest to at least post a quick note, via cell phone, on final results.

Wish us luck!

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