Friday, August 13, 2010

And yet another quickie post

Sorry for the sparse posts. It's been difficult to find wifi. But trust me, we've been having plenty of fun. Photos and full results to follow -- maybe tonight we'll have real wifi access....

Following the awards ceremony at Woodside, we took the bus to Camp Lotus, near Placerville, Calif., where we camped for the night in real-live tents and sleeping bags. Notice I said "camped," not "slept." We arose bright and early the next morning for a trip down the American River with the W.E.T. Whitewater rafting company (who are absolutely the best!). I can't begin to express how much fun we had. I'll get some photos up ASAP -- they're hilarious!

They had to drag us off the river at the end of the trip, but when we finally dried out enough to climb on the bus, we drove to North Lake Tahoe. Yesterday we spent the day exploring the area and taking advantage of the beautiful beaches. Many of us rented boats of some sort. In the evening we had a more formal dinner, giving the team members a chance, finally, to show off their party clothes.

Today we spend part of the day at Tahoe (and the beach) again, and then head back to San Francisco to spend the night before flying home on Saturday. We'll be sad to leave each other, but oh the memories we've made!