Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 2: A Tour of San Francisco

One of San Francisco's famous trolleys
We started the day -- or at least the official activities portion of the day -- at noon with a bus tour of San Francisco. We stopped at Ocean Beach to sightsee and eat a box lunch. The seagulls were happy to help us clean up our crumbs.

The calendar may say it's summer, but coats were in order for the trip to the beach. The San Francisco coastline was shrouded in fog, and the 20 mph winds kept the temperatures in the low 60s. Brrrrr!

Surf's up, kind of...

The San Francisco waterfront.

Our ride home: a high speed ferry that took us from San Francisco back to Marin County. Maybe later we'll tell you about how, after spending the afternoon walking around San Francisco, and having dinner at the famous In 'n Out Burger, we speed-walked the almost-2-miles back to make the 7:20 ferry. Alas, we were too late. Thankfully, there was also an 8:10 ferry!

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